Sunday, May 1, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Move Beyond Traditional Q & A in the Classroom

Innovative educators often are not fans of traditional teaching dominated by sage on the stage lecturing from the front of the classroom, occasionally pausing to ask a question and point to a child whose hand is raised. While direct instruction has its place, in general innovative educators strive for more of them (students) and less of us (educators). I had the opportunity to share ideas about how to move beyond traditional question and answer teaching and onto ways to ask questions that promote deeper thinking, offer more authentic assessment, and think about how students can do stuff rather than just talk about stuff.  I'm joined by Sarah Johnson and Ben Johnson in an episode of Studentcentricity, hosted by Rae Pica. 
Click the image below to listen to what we have to say about why the old method of using questions is obsolete and share five ways to move beyond the traditional classroom Q & A.